Landscape Curbing

Improve Your Property in Punta Gorda, FL

Landscape Curbing makes the perfect flower bed edging.

Is your flower bed missing something? Custom flower bed edging can make your bed feel more structured and stylish while helping to keep mulch, straw and soil in place. Barracuda Tree & Landscape in Punta Gorda, FL creates Landscape curbing and edging to put the finishing touches on flower beds. With one of our custom installations, you’ll have a long-lasting feature that will add value to your property.

Speak to our owner today about installing cement curbing.

Upgrading your flower beds

If you want a concrete flower bed border on your property, let our professionals install it. We’ll:

  • Design a cement curb that looks perfect
  • Pour your cement curb properly and make sure it’s secure
  • Use concrete stamping to give the curb a custom touch

With the right flower bed edging, you can make your landscape look manicured and beautifully designed. Contact us now if you’d like to install a concrete flower bed border.